A Vision of New Life

A Vision of New LIfe
Ezek. 37:1-14(37:1-28)
March 22, 2009

37: 1-14. God gives Ezekiel another vision. In this vision God takes Ezekiel to a valley full of bones and because the word in Hebrew for valley in is the same for plain in 3:22, this may be the same place where Ezekiel saw the vision of the majesty of God in 3:22-23. This passage of scripture, which is part of a series of revelations, received during the night before the messenger came w/the news of destruction of Jerusalem, was to ease the gloom of the Jewish exiles in Babylonia. This vision illustrates the promise of 36: of new life and a nation restored physically and spiritually. This scene was as if a great battle had been fought in the place w/only skeletons of the fallen soldiers remaining. The skeletons of dry bones are a picture of the Jews in captivity scattered and dead. The scattered exiles of Israel and Judah would one day be released from the graves of captivity, and be regathered into their homeland w/the Messiah as their leader. This vision shall be fulfilled in the future when Christ sets up His Earthly Millennial Kingdom, Rev.20:1-4. Ezekiel saw the Jewish people as being dead, because they hardly responded when he preached to them. But amazingly and miraculously, these dry bones did respond. And just as God brought life to these dead bones, He would again bring life to His spiritually dead people. The vision of this resurrection from death to life is so unknown to what is natural and so contrary to its principles, that we could never know anything about resurrection of life out of death, except by the Word of God. This vision God gives to Ezekiel 37:, confirms the resurrection of souls from the death of sin to a life of righteousness, by the power of God’s Divine Grace thru His Word, John 5:24-25. 37: also confirms the resurrection of the believers body, to the resurrection of Eternal Life, John5:29, and the resurrection of the Gospel Church under grace inspite of the affliction we are challenged w/Matt.16:18. V2 Paints a picture of the Jews in Babylon, and it seemed unlikely that they would ever come together and be formed in to one living body, but the fact that these bones lay unburied in the open valley was encouragement and hope for their resurrection, like the two witnesses in the Great Tribulation, Rev.11:10-12. V2 Can also be symbolic of the many people, in our Churches today who are physically alive but spiritual dead, like walking dead men and women, but because they are still physically alive, and still under the eyes of heaven as it was w/Israel and the two witness, there is still hope for the walking dead men and women in our Churches today, that their souls may be spiritually resurrected to Life Eternal. V3 These many bones picture the nation of Israel v11, as being dead waiting for the resurrection of being regathered to their homeland Jerusalem, that shall ultimately be fulfilled at Christ 2nd coming. The question in v3 also helps Ezekiel to see how bad Israel’s condition is, and that there is no help for Israel by any power, less than that of God Himself. The question in v3 can also be phrased, by asking can the philosophy, intellect, brilliant ideas, wisdom and politics of the world, put life into these dry bones and restore this captive nation or the walking dead men and women of our days, Consider 1st Cor.1:18-25. Obviously the answer to this latter question is no. However Ezekiel does not limit the power of God and responded v3b, in other words if you don’t put life in them, it is for certain they shall not live. Note: Somethings are better left w/the Sovereign Lord of the universe. And so rather than be presumptuous, Ezekiel was content to allow this knowledge to remain w/al-mighty God Deut.29:29 and 1st Cor.13:12. V4 In order to bring life to dead dry bones the Word of God must be preached, and just like w/Israel, preaching God’s Word in our Churches today sometimes seems to be in vain, but God’s Word has the power to create Gen.1:3, and raise the dead Deut.32:39; John 5:24-29; Roman 4:17. Israel felt they had no hope of returning to their homeland Jerusalem, but Ezekiel was assured that by God’s Word these dry bones would be brought back to life. For God now answers His own question of v3, in v5and6. V5-6 is the effect that God’s Word has on anyone who will obey His Word. Even in the face of the greatest discouragement, we have no reason to doubt the success of the Power of God’s Word, Isa.55:11. As Ezekiel preached, God breath into them, and these dead dry bones became living souls v5-6, as in Gen.2:7. God’s breath in v5 and in Gen.2:7 is the Spirit of Life. As God clothed them v6 they were fearfully and wonderfully and curiously made a new, for God gave them spiritual life. Clearly this is the promise of resurrection for Israel and its spiritual regeneration Jer.36:25-27 – Roman 11:25-27. V7-10 Ezekiel was obedient, John 14:15. The noise and shaking seems to describe the bones coming together, which had been scattered across the valley. The bones coming together, bone to his bone came together under God’s Divine Direction, although there is a multitude of bones in the human body, these dry bones came together bone to bone, and not one was missing, nor missed its way or missed its place. It was as if it was by instinct that they knew each other and found its place. The resurrection of our bodies shall be likewise brought together by God’s Divine Direction. These dry bones coming to life and our bodies being resurrected from the dead is an awesome display of God’s wisdom and power by which the bones, sinews, flesh and skin were 1stFormed in the womb of her that is w/child. Psalm 136:13-16. V7-10, also point to the return of the Jews, that were scattered in several parts of Babylon. V8 Was fulfilled as Israel was being freed from captivity and the men who held them captive gave them whatever they needed to travel back to their homeland. The help Israel received also came by the command of an ungodly king, King Cyrus whom God stirred in his heart to help Israel, Ezra 1:1-4. Finally God gives them life and these dispirited despairing captives were strengthen w/power and courage to break through all the discouragement that may lye in their way as they make their way back to their homeland Jerusalem. This is an example of how God gives new spirit strength and courage to a sinner whom God converts to a saint. Consider IITimothy 1:7 – 1st John 4:4. God always prepares protects and provides for us when He sends us on a journey. Note: God’s Spirit of life that gives life to the dead souls shall also give life to the resurrected bodies of believers. V11 Describes how hopeless Israel feels, for they say v12 band c, in other words they have no strength and their spirit is gone, and they feel they have nothing to look forward to. It’s not unusual to become frustrated when troubles continue for such a long period of time, therefore we must remember that faith in the power, and promise and providence of God will keep us and see us through. Consider John 16:33 and 1st John 5:4-5. Note: now that God has brought them to the point of desperation and their last extremity, He commands Ezekiel v12-14, to comfort them and give them hope. Though the power of the enemy is strong as death and cruel as the grave, and seems impossible to break thru, it shall be conquered, Psalm 71:20. God shall bring His people up from the depths of the earth, not only for our sake but also for His Ultimate Glory, v12-14. He is faithful to His people and His promises.

In Jesus Name Amen

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